Friday, November 13, 2009

nic: HEE

AHHH have to do pbl & ssc by midnight. which gives me 3 hrs. i feel like a broken record these days :( but playing doctor, i mean icp, was fun today!

i shouldnt offload my problems to people anymore. it's not fair on anyone. i shall just do it to this inanimate, little-visited space. thanks for all your help all these years, everyone. really :) its a bad habit & i must get rid of it.

also i'm way too argumentative and confrontational for my own good. yes i may have issues with things but shouting at pple never solved anything. guess i was just too angry and had too many perceived hurts to think properly. it feels ugh not having anyone to talk to about this, right now, coz i'm tired of discussing it, and i really should not perpetuate anything including BAD HABITS right now coz then i really wont have anymore friends lol. :( but then ive talked to so many people about so many things over the years, and nothing ever got solved per se. maybe i felt better for awhile/ did not kill myself, but erm. i wouldn't have anyway. i suppose. ok it definitely helped then. but then and now, are different things.

i sorta dug myself into this hole. and what came upon me randomly... well, it came randomly. i only pray that i manage to do what i have to do by tomorrow (pbl, ssc), that i manage to drag myself to everything i need to drag myself too tomorrow, that i manage to find the time to study properly for the dang formative exam.

other plans: BUY BOOK before i combust, watch a lot, a lot of grays. life will be good :)

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