Friday, November 13, 2009

lessons learnt

1. patience is important
2. trust God. what was it about letting someone slap you twice, or something..
3. no one can save you but yourself. unless you are really, literally drowning in the ocean and you can't swim, i suppose. i can swim though.
4. great amounts of work can be done in 20 minutes
5. there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.
6. never trust anyone with anything again, because people always dissappoint, always hurt you. never expect friendship or conversation from anyone, consider it a bonus! if you ever experience such things. be extremely thick-skinned and chatter through all reactions.
7. never talk about self ever again to anyone (except to old friends asking you what's up in your life since the last 5 yrs they haven't seen u, that's rather unavoidable..)
8. in fact, never talk to anyone ever again.
9. just become well-accquainted with the crash course ;p
10. run like mad to get all endorphins coz that literally comes with a guarantee.
11. always smile and be perfectly happy 24/7.
12. buy a punching bag.
13. try & return library books on time
14. go out of way to be saintly to everyone and expect zilch in return. no. seriously.


  1. "never trust anyone with anything again, because people always dissappoint, always hurt you."

    i tried that a few times. until God finally got through to me that thats not he way he loves. 1 Corinthians 13 - "love always trusts". like how GOd entrusts us with his heart over and over again no matter how many times we trample on it and throw it away.. i think we should try to do the same. it hurts but it makes Him happy (:

    go eli! <3

    LOVE YA! - abbY*

  2. heh thank u abby!
    did u get my (rather incoherent & diversion-full) email..?

    hmm. i guess you can trust to a certain extent but dont expect people to be there forever coz it's just impossible & unfair to make such expectations on pple? and everyone has their own probs too, so it's really difficult to know when to do what?


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