Saturday, November 21, 2009

hey guys, hahaha so touched, dont have to worry about me :) i didn't mean exactly that, is actually some other stuff, but is nice that people do care nevertheless :) anyway need to be stressed coz if too chill will just fail exams. well i might still fail this way but at least i attempted to stress myself out about it, can't say i didn't try...

watched lots of grey's just now, all is right with the world now...

haha weekend stuff (USUAL -_-)
3-9.30 sleep
9.30 - noon? return lib book, finish writing out nitrogen metabolism, pbl. lung cancer CALS.
endpoint of oxidation, add references to ssc stuff
night - cerebral infarction CAL!

CHURCH. be there on time!!
starbucks :) (can bring laptop & do drugs lectures there, haha..)
saliva, pancreas lectures

do random lecture on lower oesophageal sphincter, print pbl
gym after?

the interesting thing is that life is either too stressful (drama) or boring, alternately. but anyway, not really the time to philosophize. maybe there never is any such time. i can't figure out if we do things to make ourselves happy or if we do them because we're happy. and then, if you do something to make happiness and it doesn't deliver, then how? and how come people can just go on doing those things. (sorry. is really random) maybe mad raves and drinking & stuff is really the ticket to eternal bliss huh. i wouldn't know. personally i like the ephemeral prospect of it more than the actual implementation, as everyone who knows me will well know.

or it could be, that -happiness- keeps getting delayed, or is rather short-lived before the next quest. life is like playing some massively multiplayer online role playing game haha. better late than never though ;p this year i will bake stollen, really. and deliver random baked goods to those who have been so so kind as to endure all my drama. haha even if i haven't really learnt much neuro at least im learning how to bake muffins and random desserts. or maybe we are all happy in the here and now, just that it is subsumed amongst random things. that compared to baseline it does mean something, just that in light of other sobering or stress inducing things it would be criminal to be blithely happy, how can anyone?! i think this is it. could i go back and throw some fairy dust on my past? few years, few weeks, few days ago.

most things are :) except doing laundry, ughh

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  1. omg bake stollen?! deliver to mee! do u have a recipe? it sounds massively challenging! sharon


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