Sunday, November 1, 2009

gargh stiflingg angst. threw on jeans & boots and draGGED self to church... it was surprisingly good.

bedraggled, wet, still in black rj hoodie, as i stomped up the stairs to the chapel.. the mass had already started, and i could hear them singing hymns. it was really quite like hearing angels singing on high. the orange-suffused stairwells with religious iconry, crosses, the well-worn steps, the familiar genuflection, crossing self, watching the wind puff up trees and smoke and leaves through the bay windows of the small church... it might or might not have ameliorated everything. but i defo feel better now :) n i prayed that all my altercations with like 1000 pple now (ok, maybe just a few pple) would be solved, quite fervently. whether this prayer will be answered or not remains to be seen.

but God did answer my prayer about the tiramisu biscuits ;p so i'm hopeful heh.

just looked at my timetable for next week. gi starts with a vengeance, neuro is SO not sorted, my room looks like a thunderstorm, i'm just koping stuff straight from where they're drying/ dried next to the heater, throwing them on, etc. symbolic reflection of my mental state reccently.. oh goodness. thank goodness for small bursts of hope like, i dunno, people willing to find time to talk, small hilarities. they've been really small reccently is all i can say. but yeah.

emailing d back and forth, pretty nice :) oh skype with m yeo was funnn ahaha.

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