Tuesday, November 3, 2009


fairly sure this peace will not last forever obviously but :) it's nice

- girltalk with pple :) esp people u don't usually talk to that much.
- falafel & cappuchino with cinnamon (was going to make Healthy Lunch indeed at home, but ended up printing off loadss of lecture notes and putting them into MS word in the below-greenfield comp lab with jay for rather long, and would have died of hunger)
- crazy mini-circuit class in gym, which i got thoroughly confused by, despite NOT BRINGING MY GYM GEAR. GOOD ONE!! thank goodness i brought the shoes...
- midafternoon skype
- i still have somemore of my fav cereal drink from sg left in the shelves. keep thinking i will run out but the supply seems to extend miraculously (on that note am fairly sure there's only abt 5 left. and i brought a 3 mth supply. oops. guess i just drink it alot heh)
- j was really understanding abt some reccent stuff n altho he doesnt read this i think i am really very grateful to him for alot of stuff :) i dont think grateful is the word. just... he's really the best man. and oh yes i am grateful for his help with the tuna sandwhiches hahaha ;p

ok to remind self
GO TO RIE AROUND 8AM for hep b, tb jabs etc

things to do
- SSC - grp critical appraisal
- wkend: critical appraisal with kamin
- finish gait lecture aurgHhh
- sleep lectures
- random neurophysiology lectures
- fix rather bad ssc work heh

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