Saturday, November 7, 2009


1. just had a's cake :)
2. discussion of research papers just now yay
4. bible study went ok (despite the Situations yesterday)
5. the kindness of people when you really need them is heartwarming
6. the miraculous happenings yesterday heh
7. room is practically spotless now!!
8. just dragged self to gym
9. MORE cake heh, well pastry things i don't know the names of. but it involved rasins. and almonds. and there was defo a crossaint

the notsogood stuff
- studying
- not running etc enoughh (instead sit at home having coffee & cake ><)

the dunno where it goes stuff
- i am willing for this never to be resolved. i literally asked for it, all of it. maybe i wasn't the catalyst. but for everything else, i walked myself into the lion's den. some days its easier than others, i just need to push through.
- need to not talk so much.
- wish it wasnt just the hope giver, but its nice to be cool with it. really. kinda.

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