Wednesday, November 11, 2009

bouncy bollywood music :)

just attempted to stop this stupidity that has been taking up wayyy too much time...

by making it probably irreparably worse. oops. excellent. i feel like crap now, how did you manage to do it last time?!

weighing up the options of being eternally saintly despite being treated like shit, and being officially treated like shit, uh, i'm sad to say i chose the one not involving sainthood. i think i need to reserve that for some other things. saintliness is in short supply generally where i'm concerned. i will regret this more and more, and i am horribly sorry. the entire thing is pointless and i wish it never even started. need i mention i wasn't the one who started it?

i should stop talking about it, here and to anyone else. because im sure everyone is sick of it. so am i, so am i. just wanted to say for the record that i wish it never happened, that i tried my best, and that what i said today was because i've had it with this, with being upset, with unreasonable behavior. i do appreciate what you HAVE done, and random kindnesses. but it doesnt make up for being treated like crap on a normal daily basis. if its so freaking hard to be nice to me, & be interested in what i have to say, or actually CARRY OUT A CONVERSATION, then. yeah. ok. peace :)

anyway. work beckons. saliva, ooh exciting stuff.

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