Tuesday, November 17, 2009

bach cello suites

i'm not so sure why i feel so shattered. as in just really really tired randomly.

oh yes it cld be becos i slept at nearly 3am yesterday. but still!!! usually i sleep at 2+ so...

anyway, at about 4plus, ie 1 hour ago, i packed up from where i was hogging the library computer & ignoring the long line of queueing people, and attempted to get to the gym. unfortunately i completely forgot to bring.... SOCKS. gosh such an inane thing. anyway so was thwarted, came back for coffee & apples, good to know there is some good in the world left.

hahah had interesting kitchen flatmate talk :)

now just really sleepy tho its 5pm. i should study for the formative, or go running. but instead im sitting here pretending to do work (rather lousy pretense since not a single word document containing lecture notes is open on my com...), and... having a random stomachache. maybe i have ibs, ie the thing that no-one knows if it's real or not and prob just random americans taking sick leave to do more funky things. (or so the lecturer today said. gotta love mcqueen).

arghhh!! on the bright side i think things are going, if not fantastically colorfully, honestly, and yet helpfully & not unhappily (prob cos, more pressing things now...). which is hey take what you can get right, it could be that i got so distracted i couldn't... sit here distracting myself consciously from studying. -_- haha.

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