Sunday, October 4, 2009

salsa is fun :)

i need strength and willpower. i need understanding.
i read some of maeve binchy's lilac bus in transit on the way here and i liked it alot.

cf evening was funn my flatmates (as in, alll of us hehe) and i made brownies plus some rather interesting meatballs. the brownies were finished v quickly, yay!! but the best thing is when we came back we realised we had somemore that got squashed when we were trying to take them off the pan so yaY. the vid was vv funny!!

was talking to b, she's settling down nicely in aberdeen :) and i realised how lucky i am to have a friend like j (tho he doesnt read this......) anyway thanks & sorry if i ever suan u etc hahaha.

salsa in lib was HILARIOUS, LOL.

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