Saturday, October 17, 2009

HAHA i swear, i didnt say anything. i just said im very very emotionally tired. and g was like DID SOMEONE BREAK YOUR HEART (btw, really no such thing ok.. if anything it's chronic not acute anyways...)
me: nono no such thing
him: tell me, i'm like yer big brother! me and kyong, we'll beat him up!
me: nono no one to beat up!!

so cute hahaha. well erm funny thing to say thank you for but yknow today everything funny meant 101x more than any other day.

actually i knew today would be tiring for many reasons. so not too unexpected huh. but turned out ok. :)

i dont know what to say, it all seems so cliched. its doubly depressing that i dont have my usual sources to run to, you have no idea. and the best thing is, when i came home, SITUATION, yelling at, having to explain..

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