Sunday, November 1, 2009

ran even though meadows was completely dark. there's something about letting your lung-tree fill up; something about turning the key and the clockwork starts up. you dont have to think about running, it just happens. it feels like beating the crap out of the pavement, leaving the dogs behind, conquering fears. fortunately or not, most probably unfortunately, i am no longer super kiasu. and it was fine.

why does it always happen like this. atwood, or at least her handmaid ;p was correct. there is freedom to and freedom from. i would like to lie on my bed and read a book that makes me very happy but, off to decide should i be a fairy or a pirate tonight. and no book anyway. the one day i walk into the secondhand bookshop deciding if i dont buy a book NOW i will die so just go for it, no nice books. good one. seems so symbolic somehow, should i be the good guy or the bad guy. think imma going for the pirate heh. too many fairies!

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