Monday, October 12, 2009

to x. i am happy you did not give me a chance all those years back, contrary to what you were telling me the other day, that you probably should've. because i believe in love, the fairytale kind of love, and if you did not want to ride up on a white horse but instead skulk up on a goat then i think that doesnt cut it, and i thank you profoundly with all my heart.

i'm going to try my utmost best to make tomorrow a better day. even if everyone skulks at me, glowers at me, even if i wake up five minutes before class or miss the bus, i'm going to make it through without losing it or being pissy to anyone, or unloading all my troubles or dirty laundry on anyone, coz they dont deserve it. i dont know where they will go, but i'll figure it out by tomorrow.

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