Saturday, October 10, 2009

must write down random things i've learnt lol, cos it's soo easy to forget.
... oh i think i've forgotten them already... but anyway bible study was really good today :) hahaha.

it's so nerve wracking actually, checking back in. esp when it doesnt occur too often. its good though, so i dont wander too far off.. i think last year, i was too paranoid, this year, i'm too chillax about everything. walk back after bible study at 11pm to help a make ondeh ondeh? no probs. i didnt actually help much though, just gawk. haha.

i think... i dont know what to think. is it too much to ask?! yes, evidently. despite this and that, i really did try. and it has helped... some other areas. but it stands that.... i dont know how la. i just wish things were the way i want it to be, pure and simple. but it cant just be like that!! need to learn discretion. its 3am. i just need to learn to sleep earlier. im meant to learn something, from old and new debacles, right? how long will it be before i can say, ohhh, it's like that? gah.

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