Monday, October 26, 2009


just chillax man..... honestlyyyy

3.30-9.30 (6hrs!) SLEEP
9.30-10.30 RUN!
10.30-11.30 eat, chiong to hospital for ssc meeting
11.30-1?!! ssc meeting + writeup wiki
1-2/3 lunch + do edrug
3-5 pbl
5-6 dinnerr
night: head injury, neoplasia (neuropatho 2?)
HAHA so ambitious

im sure there's a thousand things i've forgotten to account for. HONESTLY the more simple you think things are, the more complicated they are

oh yeah, hoover, laundry.
solve the world's problems
apologize for all my wrongdoings to all the various groups of people i'm accountable to
repeat, rinse, cycle

buy books before i completely lose it.

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