Thursday, October 15, 2009

2am again

rather interesting day. finally finished csf (quite sick of it by now...) and rushing anat now, what's new...

was literally dragging self to csu midweek meal just now, but i'm really glad i went. went after gym so my legs were like JELLY, was dark and stuff so erm yknow random angst (i refuse to say its sorted anymore, i guess it is but i thought so LAST NIGHT too.....) anyway yes that definitely counts as a rather depressing walk... plus cobblestones etcc... finally made it there, and things started looking up, haha. it was a good idea to go :) it really was. i was much much happier and saner after that and i think its no coincidence :) also coz cool conversation with cool people, and it was really nice catching up with n as well after!! hahaha. didnt want to stopp but anat and stuff.

d is v cool.
on the issue - you want me to beat him up for you? HAHA.
on my poetry - it's lovely

WOW thanks!! :) :) hey at least something good came out of it... oh yea ive clean forgotten about you know what too. it just pales in comparison. why why why must i always go through funny things just to forget these things?! i remember making the emergency call to x and knowing that as i tried to remember the number i'd deleted that things were finally shifting once and for all. it shifted for the best.... but what's worth it right?

well poetry makes it worth it so i hope i've written some good ones.

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