Sunday, September 13, 2009

tmr is gonna be one PACKED day, in fact for some time now its just been rushing from place to place, trying to figure out who not to offend, trying to keep sane, but also kinda enjoying the rush and busyness hahah. wells i really dunno if i managed not to offend, but all i know is 1010000 things outstanding!!

random list
1. fix specs
2. pack computer n stuff in! (ive happily packed my bags but half the things are still on the sitting room sofas. so how?!)
3. print photos hanging round on the home comp since like forever, once and for all!!
4. pack textbooks in, shoesss
ok it doesnt sound like alot THERE IS MORE
please let me survive tmr and the next few days so i can watch bollywood on the plane

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