Thursday, September 17, 2009

AS USUAL good resolutions are just that, anyways stuck between logicality and inanity, not sure which is which anymore. however the new library is really nice. came back and it's all a mad rush, hunting for keys (well actually the staff hunted, not me, but still), buying tons of random stuff racking up $$$ oops. i bought lavender scented handwash for the flat yays :) seriously ive never shopped in tesco with a view to things i might possibly be cooking so it was really quite exciting.

thankfully the guys helped me move my stuff up, NO WAY i could have done it w/o them. a & i moved my luggage up when i first came back, and that one was lighter and it was actually a pretty horrifying experience, cos the stairs are practically spiralling up. all very aesthetically pleasing but feels rather like climbing mount everest with unevenly weighted bags of things.

i really want to get sorted before school starts but erM i think this is just wishful thinking. ohwells at least half my stash is accounted for, something's better than nothingg.

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