Thursday, July 2, 2009

oh hahaha

lol. anyway, i think i've found the closest to true joy, well, that is available at this point in time heh. and i can see the ticket to absolute happiness, though whether i can ever get it is another thing altogether, it's not too late. it's not too late. i think. true, it may or may not lead me there, but i cannot not try. and even so, you can never truly escape. but any escape is better than nothing. (i think)

anyway, blahblah, quite happy atm

that was a really interesting night, i felt free in so many ways, when i'm in other lands i may be slightly more free per se, but i feel fettered by all sorts of dangers like walking home alone late at night is bad etc (though i no longer really fear that, not at all). or like wherever, having to think of things to say and do. well after so many years and so many things, it's just pretty cool just to hang out like that, walk at night with a vague idea of where to go, feel completely safe not having to worry about anything. it was nice :)

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