Friday, July 24, 2009

i just want to say that i'm glad i found such a happy place, and that it's really amazing how it's (well mostly) love peace laughter joy. and maybe that's why last sem i tried so hard to help some people who were unhappy. on hindsight i should have spent less time on msn counselling people and more time studying... heh but oh well never mind, there's always next sem. but yeah i think it's really cool how random people come together and bond, this has probably been the closest i've been to such a big group of people at once and it's really nice :)

just thinking about that cos j was telling us about the new yr 1s, and it occurred to me what it was like one year ago, being terrified i would be stopped at immigration and preparing like THREE sets of acceptance letters etc etc incase i lost one, not really knowing anyone, and this hols, which is such a contrast to all the ones i've ever had before.

but anyway not the time for pseudo-angst now, great day cycling + dinnerrr with them yesterday and TWO MONTHS MORE OF FREEDOM woot


  1. cycling again? ask me ask me when you're free! haha yeah year ones next year really glad you're enjoying this hol though! why didn't you come for the uk freshers fair today?! i saw avonne

  2. haha! i was telling the edin pple how fun it was so i went with them! yesyes let's go! and hey i know let's go hang out at holland v with nat! omg you know that day, it was me and 2 guys cycling, and i made a bet with them that whoever was last back would treat drinks.... LOL WELL GUESS WHO WAS LAST -_- lol got totallyyy pwned.


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