Wednesday, April 8, 2009

all these years i have coveted their perfect lives, but today i realise, that no-one has it easy. it's just do you want to go about thinking ceaselessly about it or do you want to live your life to the full nevertheless?

i know which one i choose, and i'm really happy that for once i had the blessings to do so. even if it was on the most frivolous, random, spur of the moment thing.

d told me yesterday "God loves you very much". i suspect its coz he's still in the i will do absolutely anything to get into medicine stage hahaha and of coz events were pretty amazing. but yes timely reminder. i need to motivate myself again!!! here i am slacking off and there he is wanting to much to be studying what i am not wanting to do instead of bumming around, it is quite -_-

so yes. think twice before you covet anything, and dont judge people based on what you can see, cos there is plenty they -dont- tell you and it's unfair, it's just really unfair, to them for you thinking "grrr x has such a fantastic life everything i always wanted argh!" and to God also who can see it all and knows that you have it pretty good actually and you wouldn't want their specific scenarios if you could have his bird's eye view so who are you to complain?

i'm not sure if this lends itself well to confession, the priest will think "there she goes again..." but anyway, for what it's worth, i'm really sorry, God. please forgive me and i hope everything is for good and everything turns out well. Love, Me.

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