Tuesday, April 14, 2009

this place is becoming a repository for terrible metaphors, lol. yesterday was a really good day =)

i ran round arthur's seat & did interval training, absolutely shattering.
i found evelyn waugh, pg wodehouse & muriel spark in the library (sorry to lit students who might have wanted those books... but there was 6 of each so..!) and also there was salman rushdie, james joyce etc, but i didn't get those because they were thick and i didnt really want to stagger all the way back to halls with that PLUS a huge immunology textbook. and i finished a lecture! admittedly i was supposed to have done 2, but whatever, this is a MILESTONE. lol.

and random happy things, which will soon seep insiduously into my consciousness and sour with time, oh well. i guess it's all a huge pretense right, what can i do about it. good? bad? oh just do your work.

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