Thursday, April 9, 2009

there is absolutely nothing that can help me. even if i could find the right person to talk to, i don't know what i could say.

but the worst thing of all is the familiarity of this.

vaguely happy things
- yesterday we went to a funky seafood place & the planes made the scotland flag (? i think) across the sky, it was soo pretty
- HILARIOUS misunderstandings due to my sterling pronounciation, will tell you guys soon HAHAHA
- there are some people that are just a joy to talk to and never fail to make me feel cheered thereafter =) i really hope i am similarly amusing in return lols. but really :D thank you guys for being unfailingly amusing all these years.
- i have been doing work. very slowly, etc, but at least i'm getting into the groove of it. if that word can actually be applied to studying
- my friend did a hilarious uh... song that was... uh... high school musical -inspired- lol i say this because he had quite a bit of self input "in a world... that is cold... in scotland.... xx is going to london tomorrow... WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER" haha OMG can't stop laughing seriously. b should cut an album & prescribe it to people as an antidepressant lah hahaha

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