Friday, April 17, 2009

studying is going insanely badly. however, the good news is, i am actually studying now, as compared to some days which could be better described as "watching movies on my laptop with three textbooks open in front of me"

smart me has now shifted to my bed :) its quite comfy actually! but only coz i'm doing anatomy now, and i don't use the comp for that... the comp is seriously evil. grr.

i'm beginning to feel lonely :( no shared meals with people cos the dining area is closed for hols and dunno when it'll open. everytime people asked me out in the past i always had something else urgent to do. in fact, i still have loads of urgent things to do. oh well. this isn't that foreign an emotion actually. a levels was worse, plus lots more was hanging on it.

i'm sure things will figure themselves out. hah.

meanwhile, blackadder has me laughing hysterically in my room lol i betcha all the random people staying in halls now will be like errr. and ursula le guin's the left hand of darkness is strangely comforting. it's just her style of writing actually, because i've only read the first two pages. must really wake up earlier than 11am or noon tomorrow. i actually have no food at ALL left so im gonna starve arghhh.

oh yeah being going boxing at the gym lately. FUN. haha.

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