Monday, April 20, 2009

it's so hard to know God's will sometimes... i hope this is it though. i guess because i tend to talk to much, i tend to say all the stuff i will do and not do it.. well in any case i hope to do better (I'VE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR AGESSSS)

but heh anyways today's dinner conversation where we were plotting ways to make ourselves concentrate was vv funny

ok part of the sermon today was something about keeping the commandments, and that you should pray that keeping the commandments never becomes burdensome. which i think is quite important, coz no point doing the right thing and griping about it right? (again, guilty... oops.) i mean of course some things are easy, i've not really been annoyed before that i couldn't kill someone, but some are just well. harder.

it's a good day though, coz went for spinning at the gym, i'm -totally- addicted to it, plus i did drugs ;p the kinds to cure asthma and copd though sorry. haha today david asked me: is it easy to get drugs there. i said erm i've never tried but i assume it's possible coz i keep reading about drug busts in the papers. there are plenty in amsterdam though. then he was like "oh can you bring me back some".

and HAHAHA i'm now obsessed with blackadder, for GOOD REASON. unfortunately the humor isn't very reproducible. and a lot of it is about like, uhm "thingies" which is not really dinner conversation. okay there ARE some classic quotes but NOT BEING ROWAN ATKINSON i can't really pull them off. plus there's too many to remember.

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