Wednesday, April 29, 2009

it's really amazing sometimes how the slightest encouragment can make all the difference. and i really wish i could spend more time making people feel happy cos it's not how right you are per se, it's how you make people feel. and i - oh gah -

if there was even one reedeeming thing about everything i've done thus far i think it wouldn't be quite so bad. but i can't think of anything that rises above banality. i highly doubt making pretty notes counts, somehow. but i dont remember being horrible or nasty, i remember trying to practice wwjd. (hahaha nic remember this!!) but you're not supposed to count the good things you've done right?! anyway i've forgotten them, perhaps i just didn't do any at all.

i'm sure tomorrow will be better. and i'm even surer that i've said that thousands of time already.

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