Saturday, April 11, 2009

it's lovely having long days because you have so much absolute freedom to go ANYWHERE you like WOOT

but highly deceiving and makes for great unproductivity. darn. anyways today is a v happy day, why i don't really know hahas. i guess it's just how delusional one is; the more delusioned one is when things are generally shitty, the happier one will be; yesterday i was startled by reality and today i'm blissfully shunning practical thoughts. lovely lazy day, woke up -relatively- early, drew pretty pictures on paint, talked to people, went to church, had a nice time talking to the girls =) and much hilarity too! decided against all other obligations & had a nice dinner thanks to the discovery that one can scramble eggs in the microwave (after a fashion).

ticked off all the lectures i've done on the lecture timetable, instantly making myself feel happier.

may watch easter play in town tmr. YAY. and SHOPPING.

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