Sunday, April 19, 2009

i really don't like making decisions
also, i think i'm reaching burnout stage, this is really bad coz i have >1 month more to exams and i'm waaaay behind on my timetable, which was plotted to give me maximum slacking time. i COULD have scheduled myself to finish 5 lectures in 1 day not 1 lecture in 1 day...

good thing i didnt though, considering i can take FIVE DAYS to do one lecture

how can anyone get burnout from watching too much blackadder anyway?!!! i think my job should be official blackadder watcher. church in 10 mins, oh thank God for church, seriously. it's like a sanctury. i <3 the chapel. i miss the church at home who would have thought. but the chapel reminds me of it, very strongly. oh crap i'm going to the silent mass. oh well. better than the big cathedral where the priests just keep sermonizing YOUNG PEOPLE THESE DAYS ARE GETTING OUT OF HAND zzzz well, some are, true, but i kind of prefer sermons about love and mercy and us not being perfect and God loving us anyway so doesn't that make you feel like wanting to go forth from the mass and do good deeds and show him how grateful you are for forgiving you 100000 times?


anyway, really, the priests at the small chapel tailor their sermons towards the university students i suspect, so sermons like TSK TSK BAD DRUNKEN STUDENTS wouldn't go down too well. ok la to each their own. it just showed me how much i've grown to love the little chapel and the amazing chaplains who served bread and soup to us on ash wednesday, all apron-clad and everything. we're planning to join the catholic student society next year! and honestly i can't wait!! i want to join the choir and the lectors and omgggg next year faster comee. (this also would mean the happy eventuality of PASSING MY EXAMS)

lol. i tend to get obsessed with things. currently, i'm quite keen on passing my exams, for rather obvious reasons, primarily that i'll be at HOME when the results come out and ermmmmmm i dont think it'll be too swell to have to parade around really sucky horrific results, plus not really conducive to blissful summer fun somehow. also er duh who wants to fail right. i think though that this definitely beats, ah, beating myself up about certain issues, and going around in circles like a hamster on crack. actually, i still am, but on a very subconscious level. and in any case everytime all the horribleness of it (am i doing the wrong thing? but the wrong thing was done to me! ARGHHHHHHH *throws bricks*) surfaces again, all i have to do is think OH WHATEVER I HAVE MORE PRESSING CONCERNS LIKE NOT HAVING TO FLY BACK IN AUGUST TO TAKE RES.

happy things to do in summer
2. swim languidly (not rush to make it before 5.15, rush to finish, rush back for dinner then try to drag self through work while falling asleep continuously then finally sleep-typing out all my notes... jk)
3. bake (finally. how long have i been promising myself this?!!!)
4. read, omg omg omg.
5. pick up the violin again
6. hang out with the funky people
7. learn to paintttt

ok YAY it's a sunny day today, off to church :)



  2. HAHAHA finally right... hahas. if not nvm la u come visit me next yr lorrrr.


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