Thursday, April 30, 2009

forgiveness is always the way to go
but to what extent?
i am leaning towards, forgiving and not forgetting

for whatever it is, be it denying me coffee or insulting my highlighters (obviously jk here but you get this gist of it)

so, fake it. yeah yeah exchanging one evil for another, but better in the long run. if you can fake being nice to someone you'll begin to believe it eventually, but you must have forgiven them to a certain extent already in order to be above baseline friendliness? and because you'll be going against your instinct, you won't forget. hopefully at least.

because he's right... i choose all this. every time you do anything, it does make a difference. you do shift something in the universe. it just depends how much or how little. if you're a butterfly, you can incite hurricanes. if you're just a normal soul staggering about in the dark, you can choose to make yourself euphorically happy (by going unconditionally for the morphine heh) or disastrously depressed by spending all your days with people who make you unhappy, or by agonising over the right courses of actions...

just do it. there is no real right or wrong, well maybe there is, but the wrong course is to dither and angst and to wring yourself like a tea-towel.


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