Wednesday, April 15, 2009

for some reason chinese songs actually help mugging. because i don't -fully- understand chinese, or at least, the words don't conflict with the words on the page, being in uh a different language, possibly requiring a different part of my brain to process. lol. also because for some reason all the songs i bookmarked last time seem to have been bookmarked in a rather peaceful mood? or maybe resigned, well. most of the english songs i have on my playlist are rather... ANGRY.

or maybe it's just something peculiar to chinese songs, they wander around looking lovelorn, saying i'm sorry i love you, would you love me even if nothing ever happens (i personally think this sentiment is not the most laudable, sounds really boring. but on the flip side it could be the ultimate sacrifice? then again, not one i would ever want to make, or have anyone ever make for me. i should certainly hope that if anyone loves me, it would be an interesting love. probably bad to have your bf be bored by you lol.) well, it's ambient background music i guess. it gets pretty distracting (never thought i'd say this) when i'm listening to some like really enthused music and my neurons are trying to slowly entangle some needlessly complicated concepts, usually cause my handwriting is horrific.

or when things are chugging along great and suddenly the randomizer pops out a song that means a little too much to me, or perhaps has some fragment of lyric that i identify with uncommonly well, now or in the past, then i just have to go write down my epiphany/ bad memory somewhere.

heard some friends are putting up a play LOL can't wait to go back and watch it!!! omg omg how long more.


  1. Haha i try listening to french songs while studying french and it does help when I'm overwhelmed by the amount of words i don't understand and get motivated to mug :P

    what type of music DO you like hmm i don't remember ever talking to you about this before heh! (:

  2. hahaha oh yeah!! hmm i like the beatles, john mayer, jack johnson, jason mraz (all stalwarts) & then loads of embarrassing teeny bopper pop singers lol. too many to enumerate lah. haha you?

  3. well the beatles etc aren't that angry-sounding actually, it's like... kelly clarkson & avril lavigne etc haha. seriously impossible to study when people are singing "breakaway" for instance... and you really dont wanna hear "why does it have to be so complicated" when you dont understand something lols.

  4. HAHAHA oh dear. mraz! for some reason i somehow can't imagine you listening to 'teeny bopper pop singers' but guess i was wrong :P i haven't really been listening to much apart from classical and christian music but i quite like keane, and semi-rock-balladish others that are angsty and somewhat love- related heh



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