Tuesday, April 7, 2009

easter is coming!

i never would have thought i would feel moved by someone preaching to me over a webcam, but life works in strange ways...

nevertheless, this easter is a truly joyful one. the very thought of it makes me smile, and think of pretty flowers amongst brilliantly green grass. i guess being in a place where white snow and black tree stumps suddenly gives way to a riot of colors and that gloriously bright green really drives home the point of easter being in spring. ok, fine, that isn't all that liturgical so to speak, but anyway new life and all that, you know. metaphors. i always liked metaphors.

easter means a lot to me. and somehow, all the past easters are like signposts on memory lane for me. i wish i was reading for easter sunday, like i did so many times before, but you cant have everything right?

if i know anything with certainty (apart from the fact that i should be mugging now...) it is that, being here, this very moment, is a good thing. i dont know whether it was a miracle, an integral part of the plan, or both really, a miracle that was designed to be an integral part of things, to teach me something. (sometimes i fear that i haven't learnt anything at all, except a list of drugs & lots of small blood vessels which i have already forgotten. )

- but whatever it is, this is good. and i should really lay down the cross of worry and just plough on. just keep on going. read this on the dominican brothers' site just now when searching for easter mass timings

Despair is based on the certainty that no good can come from a particular
evil. Hope is based on the possibility that there might. So hope is a form of
humility, while despair is a form of pride.

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