Wednesday, April 15, 2009


woke up ~9.30, had breakfast (eggs <3), bummed around... and suddenly it's 10.40 and by the time i get to the library it'll be 11.40, aka NEARLY MIDDAY. argh. argh.

why oh why do i take so long to start up in the mornings?!!

on a happier note, the weather is horrible today, not sure why that's happy-making, ahhhh i guess the sunshine was too bright and deceiving so at 8pm you think you still have the whole day ahead of you but uhhh. also it makes you wanna go out and play frisbee or something but you know perfectly well you can't. as usual i'm really screwed for exams, but this time it's real plus i seem to have no way to motivate myself.

well i don't know, on my way to the pantry to microwave eggs i looked out the window at the end of the corridor (this makes me sound like i'm living in some prison where the only orifice to the outside is at the end of a looooong corridor hahaha but no don't worry i just like this window because it looks out onto mountains in the distance and wide open rolling fields etc. very pretty when it snows!) because i wondered why instead of the usual storybook blue and white, the sky was suddenly light rose gray. it was beautiful. seriously. everything in the distance was covered with fog, and even cars looked wreathed in mystery. paths i have trod on in the past seemed to now lead to mythic, fairytale places. i went to make eggs and consider the various methods of dying by failing examinations.

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