Wednesday, March 11, 2009


meanwhile, from dreams collide by colbie cailat
I am stuck here in a moment
And I'm trying to pretend
So I'll play this feeling over and over again.

But it all breaks down if I
Keep on wasting all my time.
All alone, in my head
Wish I'd never thought about it in the end.

I close my eyes
And try to hide
But I wake when these dreams collide
today's gathering was rather interesting i must say. guys and football........ hahaha.

i'm genuinely interested in everything i have to do at this very moment. anatomy is OBVIOUSLY my greatest love in the world. it is seriously the only thing i ever make pretty notes for. so sue me. going to hospitals for my project, wow, what can i say <3 <3 <3 (if only it didnt take 2.50 each way and wasn't so incredibly exhaustingggg) this week's pbl is AWESOME. i really love sitting through the first session feeling insanely stupid for knowing nothing, and coming out of the second having understood life, the universe, and everything. well, perhaps just how to treat fluid loss. which i have now forgotten. oh well, i knew it once. lol. that having been said, there is NO WAY I CAN FINISH EVERYTHING WHY DID I SIGN UP FOR A HALF MARATHON?!!

ohhh and apparently, my friend who signed up for it too got an email saying he was signed up for the 5k?! if i train like shiz for the half marathon and i end up running the 5k......... THERE WILL BE NO WORDS. ok i better dont say first. 5k at race pace is quite a painful thought. NEVERTHELESS....

on that note of happy angst (like the lecturer today "...and we're all going to die while the primitives in papua new guinea survive to bring forth a new human race. on that note, have a good day." WELL very paraphrased but yeah), night folks.

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