Friday, March 13, 2009

excellent day.

ok so even though i think i'm scribing for pbl, i stayed up until 2am (third night in a row this week. but it beats tues and weds night which was until 2.40am..) doing pbl.

THEN when i woke up, discovered someone had stolen my lunchbox in the pantry fridge, so NO LUNCH. Nevermind I think, I've ordered packed food anyway. I go down too late for breakfast, and collect an excellent lunch SANS the apple and the lunch bar i like -_- SO that's basically crossaint and alot alot of jams.

so i had the crossaint and a bar for breakfast which leaves me with... plain yoghurt for lunch.
and i discover i still dont know a lot about ventilation-perfusion things AND all of acid base.


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