Friday, February 20, 2009

Most tiring day ever.
I have
1. changed flats about 10 times
2. gone to livingston and back
3. watched a looooot of (minor) surgery
4. attended a lunchtime anesthesia talk (with free lunch!) the talk was quite interesting and everyone got into quite a heated argument with the poor guy trying to market his awareness monitoring product. but i thought it was really cool nevertheless (the argument, not really the product). they concluded that it was no big deal, but if it became best practice, no one would have any choice as to using it or not. i'm sure the guy was muchly cheered. he even got donuts for them!
5. of which i ate two
6. because was IMMENSELY exhausted
7. including the 2 other people i went with, i think i got data for about 5-6 patients - we took turns to interview and note down data in the anaesthetic room so about 2 each. which is not bad for a whole day's work =)
8. watched a bronchoscopy!
9. reserved a flat in west richmond, which we are probably not keeping cos it's RIGHT ABOVE A PUB. the NOISE.
10. finished preparing our presentation for health needs of elderly people tutorial (well, i'd jolly well better finish it by tonight or we're screwed)
11. finished pbl. haha! yeah riiight

well anyway, less guilt about my ssc (student selected component) now i've gone down to livingston and spent the whole day there. i mean at least we TRIED. do we get points for that!? okay dont answer that. hahahha to think we were supposed to get hundreds of patients....LOL lol lol. going next friday for whole day i thiink so MUST DO health needs of elderly people essay over weekend, somehowwwww.


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