Monday, February 23, 2009

I had alot to say but then I think I should do my hnop. If I dont finish 1000 words tonight I will buy chocolate tmr for J lol! Becauseee today at dinner he was laughing at my extremely bashed up apples and THEN went off to the serving area again. Then I took the chance to exchange my admittedly rather horrible apples for his shiny new just-out-of-the-box apples and was pretending to calmly eat my cod when he came back and... GAVE ME TWO NEW APPLES. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!! OMG i feel so bad!! Haha everyone was laughing madly at me, WHAT'S NEW -_-

But still aiyah I'm spending a lot these days so 1000 words yes must finish!!

I got what I consider a compliment today - someone told me that I seem totally unperturbed and optimistic and people can say anything and I won't get hurt. Haha. And now I shall numb the pain by watching gossip girl. Lots and lots and lots of it - crap, only 3 episodes left, and apparently these episodes are quite bad. Oh awesome. Grey's then. How many medical students Greys must have saved by now, from boredom, despondency, desperation and depression, is seriously something worth thinking about.

Oh the foodfest was really good, I feel like I didn't do much, except peel 100 eggs and serve alot of bubble tea. Compared to G and gang who fried stuff until 1-2am apparently. And the wonton gang who spent 2 days at it. I was actually quite bad at unsticking the pearls into the cup to begin with hahaha J who was with Av next to me doing almond jelly kept telling the people "Oh just ignore her" lolll. BUT! A LOT of muah chee my goodness I have honestly never eaten so much muah chee in my entire life. Plus, at one point I was sitting behind the almond jelly, so erm we ended up having quite a lot of that as well hahaha. And seeing everyone! Haha all the malaysians came, and towards the end they were all helping out also la haha THANK YOU to matthew who will prob not see this well hopefully not anyways, he helped me do bubble tea so I could go and eat stuff and watch bhangra, which was COOL duh haha.

Right i should. Do. Work. AURGH.

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