Monday, February 16, 2009

woots i'm back after a one-lecture day =) it was a surprisingly interesting lecture on environmental health though, pretty depressing to think that people have to choose between starvation or getting sick through their work >< but well yes definitely glad i went for class today. although i spent it sleeping. and miraculously, everyone around me got caught and made fun of for sleeping even though I was the one who kept on sleeping, lol. Also, I am allergic to wool?! Maybe just allergic to lectures =p

and THIS is really quite amusing =p it's based on the idea that it would be funny if poets had written poems of which the titles were anagrams of their names? includes ts eliot (toilets), ee cummings nice smug me), larkin, shakespeare (is a sperm a whale?), dickinson.

LOL the whole thing is absolutely priceless. eg:


Shall I compare thee to a sperm whale, sperm?
Thou art more tiny and more resolute:
Rough tides may sway a sea-bound endotherm,
But naught diverts thy uterine commute.

ohhhh my goodness.

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